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The Floyd Bennett Field Task Force

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For questions, suggestions, or to send us information, please send an email. We hope to hear from you!


For questions about visting Floyd Bennett Field, contact the National Park Service Jamaica Bay unit ranger station at Ryan Visitor Center, (718) 338-3899


We mourn the loss of these exceptional individuals, but are committed to carrying forth their legacy:


John was a founder of the Task Force and a former ranger/historian at Floyd Bennett Field. He was among the first to recognize the importance of the military aviation heritage of Floyd Bennett Field, and at great personal sacrifice, overcame resistance and inertia to do something about it. He was an accomplished author and lecturer, and an inspiring leader.


Frank was among the VRF-1 veterans who traveled to New York to participate in our meetings with the National Park Service. An exceptionally fine man, successful businessman, and eloquent speaker, we are fortunate to have an oral history of his VRF-1 service

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The Floyd Bennett Field Task Force
Building 69, Floyd Bennett Field
Brooklyn, NY 11234

Contact us by email: FBF_TaskForce@yahoo.com