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The Floyd Bennett Field Task Force

NAS New York 2005 Reunion


N.A.S. New York Reunion

October 20-23, 2005

Virginia Beach, VA

Contact: Chet Atkinson, PO Box 62066, Virginia Beach, Va. 23466

Telephone: (757) 495-1338






1300-1800: Reunion Registration, Fourth Floor Ball Room Lobby.

1300-2300: Hospitality Room open for socializing.

1300-2300: Open Bar for the beverage of your choice.

1945-2015: All hands muster in the Hospitality Room for welcome remarks, reviewing scheduled events and local area information. The rest of the evening is free to enjoy dining in one of the local restaurants, taking a stroll on the boardwalk or returning to or never leaving the joy of visiting with your shipmates and friends in our comfortable Hospitality Room.

2300: Hospitality Room secures.




0630-0800: Complimentary coffee available in the Hotel lobby.

0800-0930: Hot Breakfast Buffet available in Hospitality Room.

0930: Memorial Service will be held in the Hospitality Room. Morning free for sight seeing. Optional side trip to be announced.

1300-2300: Hospitality Room Open bar for the beverage of your choice.

2300: Hospitality Room secured.




0630-0800: Complimentary coffee available in the Hotel lobby.

0800-0930: Hot Breakfast Buffet available in Hospitality Room.  Morning free for sightseeing, a swim in the hotel pool, or a stroll on the boardwalk.

1300-1700: Hospitality Room Open bar serving the beverage of your choice.

1845: Hospitality Room open for the serving of our Banquet.(Open Bar secured during Banquet set up and dinner).

1900-2000: Banquet Program and Dinner.

2000-2300: Party and dance.

2300: Hospitality Room secures.




0830: Breakfast and farewell meeting.

Partnership Update - GATE's JBU Floyd Bennett Field

March 2005

Greetings from Floyd Bennett Field and the National Park Service to all of our friends from NAS New York. It seems as though old man winter has decided to hang around New York City a little longer than we wanted, and as most of you remember the field gets cold in November. It doesn't seem to warm up until late May and the way things are going it might be the 4th of July this year.


In addition to the cold and snow things have been quite active here at the field in regards to improvements. Despite the weather, the Aviation Sports Complex on Hangar Row is really moving along and they have finished the majority of the demolition in the hangars and are beginning to replace roofs on Hangar 7 and 8. In addition, they are presently digging the foundation and placing pilings for the new building which will sit in the middle of the hangars. We are hoping that the buildings will be completed by late fall of next year and that we have people using the new facilities by Thanksgiving of this year. This will include two hockey rinks, basketball courts, indoor soccer, and a fitness facility. One of the rinks will have seating for 1,500 people, so we should be seeing a real change in how many folks visit the park.


At the same time, we have two major projects going on in Hangars 3 and 4 and in the Administration Building. Last fall we began a $1.3 million rehabilitation of Hangers 3 and 4. At the present time we have completed some major restoration on the east lean to and are going to be moving ahead with some major roof repairs on the buildings. In the Administration Building we are in the process of having the heating system overhauled and hope to have that work completed by the end of the summer.


On the field side we have completed the installation of five outdoor restrooms in various locations to better serve the public. These facilities are a major step for the park and we hope that they will increase our level of service to those who visit us. In addition there will be a completed cricket pitch on the northwest comer of the field by the end of the spring. And we have entered into a partnership agreement with New York City Outward Bound, an education organization which works with inner-city school children who will be using our camp grounds and will assist us with natural resource projects.


The HARP program has been reorganized so it will function a little smoother. We now have a full time staff person to run the program and have made some major progress in planning our restoration efforts to both the aircraft and Hangar B. This year we received a $ 4,000 grant to build a replica of the Lockheed Vega which was flown by Wiley Post, the “Winnie Mae”. We hope when the project is completed we have a great piece to present the Municipal Airport era of the field in time for our 75th anniversary next May.


We are presently looking for help if anyone has any old photos of the control tower in the Administration Building or any information on its operation. In addition if anyone can recall what color Hangar B was painted in the 1940’s 'and 50's it would help us tremendously. If anyone can help us out with this call me at 718-338-3827 or drop me a line, Pete McCarthy, Building 69 Floyd Bennett Field, Brooklyn NY 11234. I can also be emailed at I look forward to seeing all of you again in October.